Many may wonder what we do to ensure that GiGi’s Playhouse is clean amid contagious illnesses like the flu and COVID-19. Our volunteers are all trained to help make sure the Playhouse is sterilized.

  1. We keep hand sanitizer at our check in station and ask that everyone use it before and after signing in.
  2. We encourage hand washing.
  3. We handle food carefully with clean hands or gloves.
  4. We wipe down the following areas with anti-bacterial wipes frequently:
    – iPads/keyboards used for check-in or programs
    – pens used at check-in area
    – door handles/knobs
    – light switches
    – tables and chairs
    – toys
    – mats
    – shared/reusable art supplies
    – manipulatives in our one-to-one and group programs
  5. If a volunteer or visitor shows signs of illness while at the Playhouse, we sanitize all areas in which they may have had direct contact.
  6. For toys or supplies that may be more difficult to clean, we may choose to keep them stored, and only bring them out at appropriate times.
  7. We ask those who are sick not to visit until they are well, and we use this screener to try to prevent anyone who is ill from entering the Playhouse until they are well.

Find out what else we are doing to protect our visitors!

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