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Speech Therapy Activities

1. “Me In a Bag” Activity
Give all of your participants a paper bag with the cute poem attached here on it. All you have to do is cut (if you have time, plain bags are great too). Share your “Me” bag and talk about how each item represents you before explaining the activity. Have the participants fill and decorate their bags. Then have them take turns talking about their “Me” bags during programming. You can stretch this out over a few weeks to use as reinforcement or just do them all in one session. You and the participants will have so much fun learning about each other and getting a moment in the spotlight. It will help set the tone of acceptance and creativity in your class for the rest of the year.

2. “Conversation Starters” Game
Print out the 43 conversation starters that I attached and cut them into individual strips of paper. Hang them from paper clips strung from the ceiling so the students have to jump to get one. Another idea is to hide the slips of paper around the room (let the kids do it if you want) and work on prepositions, following directions, and social skills all at the same time. Give directions or have a child direct another child to find a hidden question and answer it. Then have him/her ask the question to work on some social skills too. You may have to modify questions based on level of functioning, but that’s okay! Anyone can participate.

These can be adapted and used at home. Whatever works for you, just remember to HAVE FUN!!!

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