Celebrate World Down Syndrome Day!

March 21st, World Down Syndrome Day, is dedicated to celebrating individuals with Down syndrome and advocating for their rights and inclusion. Although we cannot enjoy a celebration at GiGi’s Playhouse Lancaster this year, there are still many ways you can participate in this momentous day.

Rock Your Crazy Socks

Pick out the craziest pair of socks you own! They can be mismatched, brightly colored, or wildly patterned, but whatever you decide, make sure they stand out. Your silly socks will draw attention and start an important conversation. Let everyone know that your socks, just like individuals with Down syndrome, might be atypical, but that’s what makes them even more awesome. This year, get the conversation started on social media! Take a picture of you and your family rocking their socks and share it with us.

Support a Business Owned by an Individual with Down syndrome

There are so many amazing businesses owned by people with Down syndrome, and you don’t even need to leave your home to support them. Check out these five fabulous businesses that are powered by inspiring individuals.

 Share a Story

Who in your life has Down syndrome? Maybe it’s you, or your child, or a friend! Share a story about how Down syndrome has impacted your life. Write a blog, create a social media post, make a video, or call up a friend and tell them all about what March 21st means to you. Allow people to ask you questions and be prepared to start an important conversation about acceptance and inclusion.

Become a 321 Champion!

We are seeking 321 individuals to donate $21 a month to support our playhouse! Your partnership will allow GiGi’s Playhouse Lancaster to provide free, life-changing programs and events to people with Down syndrome and their families. Consider becoming a champion today!

Sign Up to Volunteer

Although programming at the Playhouse is currently suspended, we will begin holding events and programs that you can volunteer at in the near future. There are many ways that you can get involved at GiGi’s Playhouse Lancaster. Take a look at all of the opportunities and consider donating your time and talents.

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