It is almost time for school to start! This year may be more stressful for families due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Schools are requiring that students wear masks when they attend classes. This is especially challenging for young students and/or individuals who have sensory processing challenges. To help prepare students for this new school experience, GiGi’s Playhouse Indianapolis is hosting Mighty Masks!

Mighty Masks is a 1-hour class led by a local behavior therapist who works with young children. The class is for those who fall in the Early Learner (pre-K and Kindergarten) category who struggle with wearing masks. Mighty Masks has 2 main goals: that the participant will feel comfortable wearing masks around peers, and that participants will be able to demonstrate ability to remove & place mask independently. These goals will be met by reading a social story and participating in purposeful play while wearing a mask 

We have 1 more class happening on August 1st, and more dates could be added to the calendar if needed. Check out these pictures from our class on July 23rd and 28th! 

If you are unable to attend the class or want more resources for your family, check out these social stories from Autism Little Learners! 

What is social distancing?  

Seeing other people wearing masks 

Masks, Face Shields, and Gloves…Oh My! 

Wearing a Mask to School 


-Megan Standish

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