A Familiar Face at Hugs and Mugs 

For over a year now, GiGi’s has been entirely grateful to have an incredible volunteer at our Hugs & Mugs. Miguel is such a hard worker and a great person all around. He is always willing to give a helping hand and has even offered delicious food to some of the staff! I was able to get to know Miguel a little more from asking him a few questions about himself as well as the impact GiGi’s has had on him.  

Miguel found out about GiGi’s from his previous job as a forklift driver. Miguel has been superb in helping our participants who intern at Hugs & Mugs. Our interns work on their business management skills and earn certificates to help them be successful in their future careers. It is people like Miguel who help boost our interns in the right direction. Miguel said that he loves baseball, helping others, and has gained more patience from volunteering at GiGi’s. When Miguel was asked about the impact our interns had on him, he stated, “In the beginning, I was teaching them. Now, they teach me.” 

 Thank you, Miguel, for telling us more about you and giving us insight about Hugs & Mugs.  We are so honored to have Miguel be a part of the GiGi Family. 

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