The Power of Purposeful Programs!

 “GiGi’s to me means two things… 1. Community and 2. Hope. It’s a community for us as parents, to learn from, rejoice with, and even cry with if need be. They understand all the joy and challenges that come with raising our beautiful children! It’s also a community for our children, both with Down syndrome or typical, that they have friends who are like them and understand them. It gives me hope for Blake’s future. Knowing that there will always be people that will help him achieve his goals, and who love and accept him is what every mother want’s for their children!! – Amy (Blake and Lorelia’s Mom).

Blake has been attending LMNOP for four months. In this short time, he has learned to hold his finger up when singing the “One little finger” song, loves dancing to the “Days of the week” song, has learned new sign language, and climbed up a stair for the first time during LMNOP! Blake gives his #BestOfAll in everything he does. He attends in person LMNOP weekly with his mom Amy and his sister Lorelia.

Blake and his family also attend Destination Discovery. This program supports the development of fine motor skills, gross motor skills, social skills, and language through purposeful play and peer-to-peer interaction in a casual and fun setting. This program also brings families together to share experiences and build relationships. All ages welcome. Destination Discovery is held in person on the 1st and 3rd Friday of every month from 4:30 – 6 pm.

Programs such as LMNOP at GiGi’s Playhouse offer foundational learning opportunities for individuals with Down syndrome, their families, and the community.

GiGi’s Playhouse programs  are a place for parents/caregivers to share ideas and network with one another. We invite caregivers to communicate their needs, questions, and concerns with one another and promote connections to be made in support of each other. GiGi’s programs embrace the family and help aid the development of a healthy, successful relationship between parents, individuals with Down syndrome, and siblings.

GiGi’s Playhouse programs support families in developing high expectations for their son or daughter with Down syndrome. Many families are blindsided by a diagnosis of Down syndrome in pregnancy or at birth. GiGi’s programs aim to help parents overcome the diagnosis and maintain high expectations for their child to achieve success in social, educational, and employment opportunities in the future.  Our staff and volunteers support parents in maintaining high expectations, even through challenging periods of time. By encouraging their child to follow routines and participate fully, parents take a big step in recognizing their child’s potential.

Learn more about GiGi’s Playhouse by clicking HERE. 

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