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Tutoring at GiGi’s Playhouse Cast a Spell On Me!

It’s Monday evening and once again my pool time has been replaced by booming thunder and glass-like sheets of rain. Depressing on any other day, but not today.  I am still floating on a cloud of successfully mastered sight words and carefully read 9 WORD SENTENCES! You see I tutored this afternoon, and my time at GiGi’s Playhouse lets the sun shine for me all day!

My student today was a very special one.  He is an adult who left school without learning to read. Schools often did not know how to best help our children with Down syndrome who have processing issues, and often have additional issues with hearing, speech and language, and Dyslexia, as well as other health concerns. Sadly, many schools still are unable to maximize our children’s language arts abilities. That’s where GiGi’s magic comes in.

Like the best matchmaker, GiGi’s pairs volunteer tutors with students of all ages and levels.  With the right materials and programs designed for the way our children learn, and a good friend who is there just for one student, everyone makes progress at their own pace. GiGi’s brought me together with several students over the past two years, from pre-school age to the adult I am working with now.

Each experience has allowed me to be someone different if I choose as I get to know what makes my students smile and try their best. I can be silly, creative, and even play with puppets! Being able to make a difference in someone’s ability and desire to read can be life-changing, but not just for the student. Tutoring at GiGi’s Playhouse has cast a wonderful spell on me as well!

By Carol Croll, Parent of a Participant and Tutor for GiGi’s Playhouse Hillsborough
Date: June 19, 2017

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