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Celebrate at the 5th Annual “i have a Voice” Gala

Why attend the 5th Annual i have a Voice Gala? To help Celebrate individuals with Down syndrome and them achieving their Best of All every day at GiGi’s Playhouse Hillsborough.

And to Celebrate Scott, age 45, and his achievements in the Amina Grace Speech & Language program. Since Scott began coming to the Playhouse in 2016 there were many volunteers who struggled to understand him when he spoke.  Scott’s mom has tried to get him speech therapy for years but was told by insurance that unless he is in an accident and loses his ability to speak they will not cover it. To say she was thrilled by his placement in an understatement. His mom, friends, volunteers and local business owners have all taken notice and commented on how they can better understand him since he began working with the GiGi’s Playhouse volunteers in the Amina Grace Speech and Language program. Encouraged by his accomplishments in speech, Scott is now excelling in our One-on-One Literacy Tutoring program.

We will Celebrate 13-year-old Jacinta, who reached for the stars of stage and screen through the written word.  She sent letters to John Travolta, Zac Efron, YouTuber John Cozart and local theater star Ricky Francese telling them why she is their biggest fan. Little did she expect that she would hear from John Travolta and Ricky Francese with  signed pictures.

Why attend the 5th Annual i have a Voice Gala? Because it a celebration of the volunteers who donate their time to GiGi’s Playhouse Hillsborough.

Come celebrate with Georgeann Crowell, our volunteer of the year! Since our grand opening she has been a steady presence at our programs and special events, helping our participants, their family members and Playhouse staff. The Playhouse Manager has come to rely on her and knows her presence will keep everything running smoothly.

We will Celebrate Program Leader of the Year Laura Rudbart! As the 2 & Under Playgroup program leader she had always been quick with a hug and to reassure a nervous parent; our families feel welcomed when greeted by her at the Playhouse.

We will Celebrate Literacy Tutors of the Year Catherine & Brenna Payne! They have shown an amazing ability to connect with students of various ages along with helping them achieve their Best of All regularly.

We will Celebrate Math Tutor of the Year Kathy Fulham! Kathy jumped into our newly opened program with a willingness to help others master the skills and tools needed to succeed at math.

Why attend the 5th Annual i have a Voice Gala? Because it a celebration of the community partners whose partnerships t have helped GiGi’s Playhouse thrive in Hillsborough.

Celebrate Small Business Partner of the Year Mailboxes Business Center! Since we have opened our doors in this community Matt & staff have been a welcoming presence. They have supported our programs, our participants and our events both financially and by spreading the word of who we are and what we do.

Celebrate Community Partner of the Year DJ Count Graham! His presence at our events keeps the energy high and full of fun; when our participants see him at an event they know they are in for a great time.

Come celebrate all of this and more with us on Saturday, March 30th, from 6:00-11:00PM at the Bridgewater Marriott. It is an inspirational evening you won’t want to miss!

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