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Here at GiGi’s Playhouse Inc. nothing makes us happier and more proud that hearing stories of how GiGi’s Playhouse, no cost, purposeful programing is effecting the lives of individuals with Down syndrome.  Today we are excited to share a bit of Bobby’s story.  Enjoy!


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Bobby came to GiGi’s Playhouse Raleigh at the very beginning! He was one of our first adults. He lived alone in New Jersey, had a job, and is an independent adult. When his mom passed away he moved to NC to live with his brother.

Bobbys number one goal was to learn to read so that he can be a better student and volunteer. Cindy, his tutor and also our program coordinator has done an incredible job working with Bobby in all avenues, using Ipad tools, books, flash cards where she changes the color of the letter he may not be pronouncing, etc. Praise praise, He read a book to our adults during our adult mini session last week! It warms my heart to see how much pride and confidence he has. At age 55 his goal was to learn to read, and through GiGi’s he learning to do just that!

“I have been working with Bobby since November of 2016. At that time, he could read a few words, knew all the letters and sounds they make, not many sight words, and could not read sentences. When his brother brought him to GiGi’s literacy he said Bobby couldn’t read. So the first day, I had prepared the “Family Book” and “Bobby’s Favorite Food book”. He literally knocked my socks off! He read all the books and no mistakes and I was like what to do next. So the next week we began working in Reading A-Z level B. He is now reading level C and some level D books. One of the areas of difficulty for Bobby were the “little” words. So I began to see which high frequency words Bobby knew and which he didn’t. We made 2 sets of flash cards for Bobby to match, name, and select.” Cindy

At the 2017 ‘i have a Voice” gala Bobby took the time to publicly thank Cindy for all the support she has offered him.  We want to throw our thanks in there also! Candy, thank you for believing in Bobby, thank you for helping his reach his goals and thank you for the time and love you give to GiGi’s Playhouse.

Bobby is also a valuable volunteer & GiGi’s Playhouse, he sets a great example for the little kids at Leaps & Bounds! Bobby also enjoys participating in GiGi Prep & Fantastic Friends. Bobby is a man who keeps himself busy and is always giving his #bestofall!

Do you have a story how GiGi’s Playhouse as impacted you or a loved one? Please share with us today. You can reach Heather at and she will be happy to help you feel your story!


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