March Madness!

2019 has been so AWESOME! With an incredible crew of volunteer program coordinators, interns, and committee members we have been able to connect with more families and really increase community awareness of who we are and what we do! Below are highlights from our amazing March.

World Down Syndrome Day & The Amazing Give Celebration

We kicked off our celebration at 6:21pm (cause we are cool like that) at the Playhouse! It was so much fun to meet new families and hang out with longtime friends. DJ Phred (one of our participant’s Dad) kept us rocking with fun music. We enjoyed delicious chicken and rice, pulled pork, shredded beef, ground beef, white and yellow rice, black beans, sweet plantains and salad. YUMMMM!!!! All this along with refreshing tea from McCallister’s Deli. Everyone loved doing special crafts like decorating your own socks, representing #GenerationG with special face painting, and cookie decorating! Our talented Playhouse photographer Phil Turner from Philip Marcel Photography got some awesome shots at our photo booth. Princesses from Royal for a Reason were the ultimate draw as they sang songs and read to groups of kids! Our most favorite part of the evening though was getting to see our sweet friend Amelia, her mom, and her grandma! We are so grateful that Amelia’s cancer is now in remission…her resilience, courage and “I got this” attitude have inspired us!!

For the second year, we participated in the Amazing Give, a 24-hour online fundraising campaign. We asked families and friends to donate $21 to show their belief in all individuals with Down syndrome! We are happy to announce that we raised a total of $1,716 with 21 donors! We appreciate all our donors! Every dollar goes towards helping us continue to provide FREE therapeutic and educational programs to the kids and families we serve.

Down for Donuts

Down for Donuts is an annual fitness charity competition where 100% of the proceeds are donated to us! Hosted by the Dreaver Family (Ted, Karen, Logan, Kiera, and Penelope) and Crossfit Iron Legion this event gets bigger and stronger every year! Special thanks to Lifting Culture Apparel whose awesome team designed cool Down for Donuts shirts sported by participants—100% of shirt proceeds are donated to us!! We had a table at the event on Saturday, March 23 and were awed by the toughness and strength of the participants…kinda made us want to pass over the donuts and get to working out…maybe we did both 😉 We also got to meet new families who are excited to join us for our FREE programming!!

Words cannot fully express how grateful we are to the Dreaver Family for demonstrating what it really means to be #GenerationG! Their message to all families who have a child with Down syndrome is to embrace it! They’ve transformed their way of thinking what Down syndrome means and through this amazing charity fundraiser, their financial support helps us do that for so many other families!!! Check out the official Down for Donuts pictures at Valkyrie Photography.




Encouragement Series

We are so grateful for the wonderful speakers who share their expertise with us each month!

Special thanks to Ananda Pacheco who shared about understanding our children’s learning styles and using technology effectively to improve literacy, language, reading, and writing skills. She provided helpful resources and we know that we can connect with her at any time with questions.

Kudos to our program lead, Kerry Taylor, who works tirelessly to fill our speaking roster with dynamic speakers and coordinates with our GiGi’s team to have awesome volunteers on hand for each session.

Churros for a Cause

“G” shaped churros??!! Whaaatt??!! We are just thrilled with the love and support from our Gainesville community!! Thank you Mi Apá Latin Café  and Freddie Wehbe for believing in the awesomeness of individuals with Down syndrome!!

Until April 18, Mi Apá Latin Café  will donate  100% of sales of yummy “G” shaped churros to the Playhouse. They hosted a Spirit Day on March 29 with an upcoming one on Apri

l 9. On Spirit Days, with special spirit cards, 25% of your entire purchase will be donated back to us. In addition, Mi Apá Latin Café  workers will volunteer at the Playhouse on April 6 and April 13!! Throughout the entire fundraising period, all Mi Apá Latin Café  workers are rocking specially designed shirts to promote the fundraising campaign and even more importantly spread awareness of who we are and what we do! And we must mention the intense media coverage….shirts, tv spots, banners, post cards in take-out bags, restaurant table tents, tv, napkin holders…you name it, we are everywhere!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!


The “G” Churro

“G” is for GiGi’s Playhouse

“G” is for our #GenerationG pledge

I pledge to join Generation G:

I accept you as you are.

I choose to be better every day.

By being accepting, being generous, being kind.

Buy a “G” churro today and join #GenerationG!

Check out our media coverage from WCJB TV 20!


So excited to embrace the rest of 2019!!!

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