Generation G in Action- Sean Hickey

Sean is working on becoming an Eagle Scout and chose GiGi’s Playhouse Fox Valley for his project.  After some thinking about what would best benefit GiGi’s Playhouse Fox Valley we decided upon a mobile kiosk.

Sean states: “I chose to build a Mobile Merchandising Kiosk for GiGi’s Playhouse because I wanted to do something that would truly improve the community. I knew about GiGi’s from one of my parents and one of their friends, and I looked up the organization online.

After attending an orientation and learning about the great programs GiGi’s offered, I knew this was the place I wanted to do my Eagle Project.

I first got the idea of my project from a scout in Arizona who built a kiosk inside of a GiGi’s playhouse location, allowing them to sell items within their location. After talking to Mrs. Vaughan, the Fox Valley Site Coordinator, I decided to make a kiosk that would function in a similar way, but it would be able to be transported to various locations.

After tinkering with the design for a few weeks, I found one that was both mobile (on wheels) and able to be taken apart and fit instead of a small car.”

Thank you, Sean, for being Generation G and showing what it means to be Generation G- be accepting, be generous, be kind!

Sean held a fundraiser at Chipotle in early February fundraising 4x what he needed to complete his project and donated the remaining to the Playhouse.


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