Career Exploration Day

During GiGi University, we find it important to offer several career exploration opportunities to ensure that our students are aware that they are capable of having a career. We want our students to know that they are worthy of having a career. We also want employers to know that individuals with Down syndrome are highly motivated and ready for a career!

Today, GiGi University students went to Auburn, Indiana to explore careers at NCG Cinema. Students were able to learn about and explore every aspect of the cinema. They learned about ticket sales, concessions, ushers, projection, supervisors and managerial roles.  Many students really enjoyed getting to see the projection area upstairs!

When this group of soon-to-be GiGi University graduates arrived back at the Playhouse, they were smiling and talking about potential careers. We had such an amazing morning and look forward to exploring more opportunities in the future!

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  1. hrodriguez on October 25, 2017 at 3:12 pm

    OUTSTANDING!!! Great job everyone, what a fantastic day!!!

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