Promoting Positive Behavior Over the Holidays

What an exciting time of the year! Here are some tips to help prepare your loved one for a new routine and family gatherings over the holidays! On behalf of GiGi’s Playhouse in Fargo we are wishing you a safe and happy holidays!

Promoting Positive Behavior this Holiday Season:

  • Prepare in advance. Provide social stories about what to expect at your holiday event.
    • Read social stories or children’s books about holiday parties or family gatherings so they know what to expect. Use photos from last year’s gathering. Visuals are great to help your child process and prepare.
  • Use visual schedules, checklists, or timers.
    • Show your child visual schedules leading up to your holiday plans. Talk to your child in advance and set the expectations. “When we first get to Grandma’s house, we are going to talk with everyone, and you can play with ____ while we do that. Then we are going to eat dinner in the dining room. You will be sitting at the kids table with your cousins.”
  • Know and honor your child’s limits.
    • Do your best to prevent over-scheduling when their schedules are already altered being “off” of school. Bright lights and sounds, new smells, unexpected touch, and different environments can be challenging. Bring calming sensory tools with you or a favorite stuffed animal, doll or toy.
  • Keep their schedules as routine as possible.
    • While they may be on school break, schedule out reading time together, making their lunch and eat together, and open play time (like recesses). Ensure they are rested and follow your nightly and morning routines.
  • Incorporate movement or breaks and a calming space.
    • If attending a program or long travel, incorporate movement or breaks. Know your child’s limits, breaks to listen to familiar music or in a separate room are ok to ensure they feel comfortable in a new setting.

Reference & More Tips Visit: Holiday Survival Tips for Kids who have Sensory Differences (

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