Volunteer Spotlight: Andrea Drusina

“Andrea!!! Hi friend!!!” was the echoing chorus as participants arrived for Karaoke with their fearless leader, Andrea Drusina. From the moment our Fantastic Friends arrived at the Playhouse, it was evident; Andrea believed she was in the presence of greatness.

“These are some of my favorite people” Andrea shared with me. “Just wait til you see us dance!” Andrea’s passion for her adult friends with Down syndrome is absolutely contagious. The smiles plastered on everyone’s faces is evidence of that. Friday nights at GiGi’s Playhouse El Paso is the place to be.

Andrea’s commitment to GiGi’s is evident to all. “As soon as my work schedule changed, I contacted the Playhouse. I wanted to be here” A few short weeks later, a birthday cake was brought to the Playhouse, because Andrea chose to volunteer leading Fantastic Friends on her birthday. When asked about it Andrea told me it was the perfect way to celebrate another year, with her BFFS at GiGi’s.

Volunteers make the magic happen at GiGi’s, and this month we raise our hats to one of the best. Thanks for giving your Best of All!



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  1. Melissa Moody on August 25, 2021 at 9:32 am

    Thanks, Andrea, for all you do for Fantastic Friends!

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