GiGi Prep! A Gift From The Heart!

A gift from the heart!  Marc Pacheco a local Eagle Scout, spent many hours of work and dedication to complete our new Hugs & Mugs kiosk! This Eagle Scout project is going to open so many doors and opportunities for our individuals with Down syndrome! We love it and can’t wait to take it around the city!  From the moment Marc walked into Gigi’s playhouse, he knew it was something special. “They’re as close to angels as you’ll meet.  They’re beautiful people.  Unfortunately, sometimes they’ve been neglected or set aside, and we really want to bring their talents out and share them so we can give them opportunities,” said Pacheco.

Marc has truly given our GiGi’s participants an opportunity of a lifetime! Thank you, Marc,!!

-GiGi’s Playhouse El Paso

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