Volunteer Appreciation Award 

There are many elements that go into a successful program: research-based instruction, multi-sensory approaches, individualized adaptations, and one of the most important ingredients: love for our participants.

It is plain to see the love our volunteers have for the participants in each program. So many of them come early, stay late, and return season after season. They take their experiences at the playhouse and share them with their community, often recruiting more volunteers. At GiGi’s Playhouse, we have so many incredible, dedicated helpers in each program, and we would not be the success we are today without each and every one of them. I would, however, like to thank one volunteer in particular for her dedication over the past 3.5 years and present her with this Volunteer Of The Year award. Carol has logged over 700 hours since the fall of 2020, leading and helping with programs, participating in our events, and doing odd jobs around the playhouse. She’s the type of person who greets you at the door, takes you by the hand, and leads you into the playhouse so she can show you the new thing she created with just you in mind! Carol’s the type of volunteer who notices that a participant may need to try something a little differently, takes them aside, and helps them 1:1 until they’re ready to join the group again. Whenever there’s a need for a volunteer, she’s one of the first to sign up, and if she’s committed to something, she’s going to go above and beyond to help out. A great volunteer is determined by the impact they make, the hope they inspire, and the lives they touch. Our Volunteer of the Year embodies all these qualities and so much more.

On behalf of the board, the staff, and the families at GiGi’s Playhouse, Thank You, Carol Schindler, for your service, dedication, and, most of all, your love!

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