Who Loves the Theatre???

The three pillars of theatre ~ singing, dancing & acting ~ are wonderful skills to develop as they build self-confidence, empowerment, and effective communication. Through a variety of drama improvisation techniques, theatrical productions, and games, our Drama Troupe supports personal growth and cooperation while learning self-expression with vocal and physical freedom.

We are thrilled to have OpenSpot Theatre lead our Drama Troupe at GiGi’s Playhouse Detroit. OpenSpot Theatre began in Metro Detroit in 2012 as “4th Wall Theatre Company”. Co-Founders Katie Mann and Annie Klark created the company based on the idea that the performing arts should be accessible to ALL people. Their dream of Theatre for All spread quickly through the Southeast Michigan area, and in 2020 Katie and Annie decided to expand the company, providing arts opportunities to students across the United States. Thus, OpenSpot Theatre was born!

The founders believe musical theatre can be applied to educate students of all ages and abilities about different aspects of themselves, as well as real-world skills. Each class is led by trained theatre professionals and culminates in a live performance for family and friends. The process of learning about the theatre and rehearsing a live show promotes teamwork, cooperation, belonging, work ethic, memory, leadership, social skills and maybe most importantly; it’s fun!

Drama Troupe takes place every Thursday night at GiGi’s Playhouse Detroit, led by the inspiring Taylor Johnson and Claire Re’Souiller. Participants spend 13 weeks learning to sing, dance, and act. Then at the end of our time together the students star in a play that they themselves wrote. On April 20th we will have our big showcase. Please join us to support our wonderful cast and invite your family and friends!

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