Small but Mighty!

When GiGi’s Playhouse makes plans for the programs we offer, we take a lot of things into consideration; needs of the participants, number of participants who could benefit from the program, the materials and funds needed to run the program, to name just a few. We were presented with the idea of having a Zumba program led by an incredible young woman who has worked hard to become a licensed instructor. She just so happens to have Down syndrome. Samantha has led our Dance: Zumba with Samantha program virtually for just over a month now. This is our only volunteer led program that we offer weekly and she has done a fantastic job.  

Samantha has had a few participants attend her program once or twice and then for one reason or another couldn’t return; but she has 2 participants who make the program every week. Elizabeth and Mary are so excited to attend Zumba each week and the 3 young women have become great friends. Everyone signs on our virtual platform about 10 minutes early to chat about their weekend plans, new outfits, and plans for the next holiday. Then when Samantha turns the music on it’s time to get serious. She reminds her group to drink lots of water and shouts words of encouragement throughout the whole class.  

#Bestofall Shout Out!

Dance: Zumba with Samantha may have just 2 participants each week, with a few more trickle in now and then, but the amount of improvement shown in just a month makes them MIGHTY! Elizabeth and Mary started the program not knowing what Zumba was. They thought it was an opportunity to dance to some fun music with your friends; that’s it. Through Samantha’s strong leadership, they now treat it like a true exercise class. Samantha’s ability to roll with the virtual punches, lead a program of her peers, and educate us all on what Zumba is is deserving of a #BestOfAll shout out!  

You can sign up to be in Dance: Zumba with Samantha too and join in the fun. Don’t forget your water bottle; you’re going to need it! Sign up here!

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