Did you know we’re launching a new Dance program at GiGi’s Playhouse Detroit? We love to move and groove to our favorite tunes and know you will too! Over the past few months we were so lucky to have two young women step forward and offer to lead our new program. Sarah and Samantha each have different tastes in their dancing styles and we will be offering opportunities for you to experience both of them.  

Dance: Zumba with Samantha will be offered every Wednesday at 4:30 starting January 27, 2021. Samantha’s love for music and dancing started when she was very young. She and her birth mom would dance in their kitchen all the time. As Samantha grew up she took lots of different dance classes and discovered a passion for those with a Latin beat. She met her now coach, Roberto, though church and he introduced her to Zumba. She took a 2-day course through Zumba USA and earned her license to be an instructor. Samantha stays in touch with Roberto and can use ZINZumba Instructor Network. Through these resources she is able to stay informed on the latest songs and routines to use in her classes. GiGi’s Playhouse isn’t the first non-profit organization Samantha has led a Zumba class for. She led a one-time class for The Color of Autism Foundation back in October. Samantha loves the show Born This Way because it shows individuals with Down syndrome overcoming stereotypes and achieving their dreams. Samantha doesn’t let her diagnosis get in the way of doing what she loves.   To join Samantha and all your friends on January 27 RSVP here!

Dance: A choreographed routine with Sarah will be offered twice a month on Sundays at 1PM starting January 10, 2021. Sarah grew up with a love for dance. She and her sister have been in their mother’s dance studio since they were only 2 years old. At the age of 8 Sarah and her twin sister Katie made the decision to become Radio City Rockettes after seeing them live. They were successful in achieving that dream. Sarah came home to Waterford, Michigan when the pandemic hit and began a different kind of dance routine. She and her brother Clark, who has Down syndrome, would spend the afternoons dancing in their living room to fun popular music. Their family has been involved in GiGi’s Playhouse Detroit in many ways before we even opened. They’ve participated in fundraising events, tutoring, and attended programs. We were so thrilled when Sarah contacted us and wanted to lead a virtual dance program inspired by the fun she and Clark were having at home. Sarah will use her extensive dance knowledge to teach step-by-step a simple and fun choreographed routine. She knows how important it is to keep busy and get some good exercise in daily. What’s a more fun way to exercise than dancing?  RSVP here to learn a new routine from Sarah on January 10!

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