Why We Run for Acceptance… Conner’s Space Rangers

“Acceptance is Conners friends at school loving to play with him because of who he is. Yelling his name in excitement as he walks up the sidewalk.  Acceptance is his friends asking why he can’t talk/ride a bike/or whatever other question they have and simply saying “Ok” and creating a way to involve him. Acceptance is his teachers understanding and adapting to his needs within their curriculum preparation. Sitting in his IEP & conferences with equal opportunity for him to be supported and to succeed in the best environment for Conner. 

Conner and Alyse

Awareness is what I strive to accomplish on the daily. The most valuable advice I’ve ever heard was in order to best advocate for Conner, share space with everyone, everywhere . I love any opportunity I have to answer questions, educate, or inspire with observations.  Sharing the light inside of Conner is how others become more aware of the unique view on life this diagnosis brings. Involving Conner with his community can shift perspectives and allow the trickle effect of acceptance. We all have a lot to learn and room to grow, let’s begin today.” ~ Alyse, Conner’s Mom and Deerfield Board President

Join or support Conner’s Space Rangers here: https://support.gigisplayhouse.org/gigifit-acceptance-challenge-2023/team/conners-cookie-monsters

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