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For World Down Syndrome Day last month one of our families asked if we could share our school presentation and activity packet with her to share with her students and girl scout troop. At GiGi’s we work hard to prepare our participants for the world with therapeutic and life skills programs, but we’ve learned that it is just as important to prepare the world for them! Acceptance and inclusion should be a guarantee for everyone. We now have presentations for schools, businesses and more to educate people on what Down syndrome is, what inclusion truly means, and how you can be a positive influence in the movement for acceptance for all. Read below how Merideth and her daughter Scout utilized these tools!

“Everything you sent and shared was amazing. My students just ADORED the activity books and are still working in them throughout the day. The presentation was fantastic too thank you so much–that helped tremendously.

Scout got into the action too! My students are well aware of Cash and his ability and love learning more about him. So spending the day focused on different abilities and reading and discussing is always enjoyable. Scout wanted to share that too! Scout has been such an advocate for him it warms my heart. Scout was able to speak on her school’s morning announcements both Friday before and on Monday for World DS Day. She prepared a speech and did a presentation to her class with a read aloud. Her teacher said she was so amazing at answering questions and advocating for him. We are so incredibly proud of them both!

We have a student coming into my room now for the morning portion of my reading block who happens to have DS. I can’t tell you how warm, welcoming and amazing my students have been to her. I feel so proud to know that these kids SEE HER and her ABILITY first. INCLUSION MATTERS. Whooo—-it brings me a ton of joy. Thanks again!” ~ Merideth, Cassius and Scout’s Mom and Educator

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