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 Hi y’all, my name is Grace Spath and I am a junior speech pathology and child development double major from Lake Bluff currently studying at Texas Christian University. I am a SLP intern at GiGi’s Deerfield for the summer (and hopefully the summers to come) and have been running our Tot Talks program which is a speech and language program for 3-6 year old’s who have aged out of LMNOP.


Throughout high school I was a volunteer for Libertyville Stars a Special Olympics swim team, where I found my passion for working with kids and adults with special needs. I quickly came to realize I could not make any money volunteering as a full time job in the future so I looked at all my options and found speech pathology to fit with everything I was looking for in a future career. I love how you are able to see the progress you are making with a client each and every session.


I wanted to intern at GiGi’s because I was hoping to get as much experience as I could with speech and language programs. Learning from Jill why we do certain things in each program has been fascinating. Working with kids with special needs is a passion of mine and being able to learn from Jill who has made a successful career out of that has been so valuable.


I have learned way too many new things to name everything, but GiGi’s has taught me a lot. From seeing what it takes to run a nonprofit to learning more and more about the Down syndrome community, Shannon knows it all and has shared so much insight. I have loved meeting every family and seeing the impact GiGi’s has on each one. I would not have wanted to spend my summer anywhere else and hope to continue to stay as involved as I can in the future.

~ Grace Spath


Sign up for Tot Talks to meet Grace before she goes back to school at the end of August! www.gigisplayhouse.org/deerfield/calendar

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  1. Eve Pribel on July 22, 2022 at 6:04 pm

    Grace, I just read this story about you! I am blown away and so proud of you for sharing your talents and love for our special family members! You are definitely surrounded by two amazing people in Shanon and Jill! Thank you for working with our family and others. They definitely feel the love you have for them! You’re the greatest!!

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