More Than Therapy

 We didn’t really know what to expect when we enrolled Sofia in the speech program at GiGi’s. Over her almost 10 years, Sofia has been enrolled in countless therapy programs. And while we know that this is what she needs in order to speak more clearly and be better understood, we also know that she would much rather be playing with her friends than practicing multi-syllabic words.

To our complete delight, Sofia does not see her speech therapy at GiGi’s as actual therapy. She is excited to come to the playhouse to “play with Emily”. She gets to read books, make beaded necklaces and be silly with her therapist. She gets to cook in the toy kitchen while she practices saying “spaghetti with meatballs”. She looks forward to shooting hoops at the end or her session while mom talks over her progress with Emily.

Our experience in the speech program has been wonderful and we are so grateful to have this therapy for free. We were paying $760 PER MONTH out of pocket for private therapies. Sure, we have health insurance, but it only covers 60 sessions of therapy per year. And let’s face it, that covers only a fraction of the weekly speech, OT, PT and literacy tutoring our kids need.

Thank you to the GiGi’s team and all of the amazing, skilled volunteers for making the speech therapy program at GiGi’s a success!


~ Erin, Sofia’s Mom

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