Volunteer Spotlight – Monique

Monique, corporate counsel for a company in Westlake, joined us this past year as an Assist for our popular Destination Discovery program. Her “why” is unique and beautiful and I wanted her to share it with our community. What I appreciate about Monique is her servant’s heart. She joined our GiGi’s family immediately with a “What can I do?” and “How can I help?” mentality, taking on more than a usual assist may do. She helps Mari, our Destination Discovery Lead, with planning the program out and always going above and beyond with how to make each program purposeful!

Monique shares, “I grew up in Lakewood, right down the street from GiGi’s.  When I was 16 my uncle had a son with Down syndrome, Michael T. George.  Mikey enriches my life beyond words.  Mikey was out going, the life of the party, hilarious and loving, even through his diagnosis with AML leukemia at 15 years old and right up to the point that he left this life at 16, with the world on a string. Mikey fought for his life with a big smile on his face. The world labels people without understanding the joy they can bring to your life.  Mikey’s memory and life lessons have brought me so much joy and inspiration. I have to pay that back to the world.  I find myself at GiGi’s Playhouse because I  want to share the joy that Mikey brought to my life.”

Thank you, Monique, for your time and energy, and for sharing Mikey’s legacy with all of us.













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