Tony’s Best of All!

Here at GiGi’s Playhouse, we love celebrating our Best of All! We are always looking to improve ourselves each and every day. Check this Best of All moment out!

Tony’s tutor, Mary, shares, “Tony and I meet every Tuesday where he demonstrates readiness to work, with help from his smart snack – Skittles!! Just recently, I challenged Tony to demonstrate his ability to comprehend words aurally, while choosing the word visually without photos. I presented him with two words, in two different colors. I would then say the word, and Tony would have to tell me what color the word he heard was. Tony excelled to new heights!! He got it right every time! He demonstrated his overall comprehension, his ability to attend to a task for prolonged periods of time, and his internal motivation to be successful! With such great strides, it’ll be amazing to see what Tony does next. Great job, TONY!”


(Pictures of Tony and his fabulous smile from GiGiFIT in 2019)


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