Bradford familyYesterday our Playhouse had the incredible honor of being a part of the Bradford family’s celebration of their son Aayden’s 2nd birthday. Tim and Kerri, along with their children Sean, Molly, Nate and Jonah brought a big bin of musical instrument toys to donate to the children at the Playhouse in memory of Aayden. This precious little boy made an incredible impact in the one month he was here on earth, yet his legacy and the love of music fostered in his family will live on here at GiGi’s Playhouse through his “Songs From the Heart” music bin.


We are blessed to honor Aayden Alexander Bradford through every instrument played and every song sang.




Preparing gifts

Preparing Aayden’s music bin together as a family. Seeing them in action honoring their son and brother was truly a precious sight.





Bradford kids I loved getting to know each of Aayden’s siblings. What an incredible group! Pictured L to R: Jonah, Nate, Sean and Molly.




Bradford family, thank you for sharing your beautiful son with me and now with all of our families here at GiGi’s. Our doors are always open for you. Much love.

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