Reflections Through the Looking Glass…Ciara and Keller

We love the many unique ways our volunteers of all ages can become involved with GiGi’s Playhouse. Whether it’s serving on our new Generation G Youth Board, selling lemonade or being a peer mentor in one of our programs, we love the impact our youth can make at the Playhouse and in this community! Two of our youngest spent the afternoon last week handing out lemonade in front of GiGi’s for donations. They would get so excited when someone would stick a dollar in the donation box, but what we love the most about their time at the lemonade stand was the joy and excitement they had when someone new would walk down the street towards them. What an incredible day to serve! So many people stopped – all with smiles on their faces! We loved seeing them give a We are proud of Ciara and Keller. Our children are never too young to serve!

We cannot forget the parents who make this possible for the children! Kudos to Brigid and Cynthia for their support and encouragement and seeing the importance in serving their community.




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