We are so proud of our improv group for showing up and giving their all during their practices leading up to the Brew Ha Ha and then battling nerves and getting up on stage and performing – amazingly, I might add! –  in front of hundreds of people! What we are incredibly proud of is what took place at the practice the night before the big performance. Amy, whose mother had just passed away earlier in the week, was sitting on the couch and began to cry. We have been talking through grief throughout the week and what that looks like, plus how it’s a completely different journey for every person. Amy felt comfortable enough to let her feelings show. And goodness, did the love from her friends pour out. Every single one of the adults came, on their own accord, and gathered around her on the couch, offered words of sympathy and comfort, offered a pat on the shoulder or a hug, and even prayed for her.

We all know the couch at GiGi’s represents life, hope and belief – in each other and in ourselves. It’s for the new parent who received their prenatal diagnosis. It’s for the grandparent who comes in to share pictures of their beautiful grandchild. It’s for parents who can sit back, relax and connect with each other over a cup of coffee. The couch here at the Playhouse now also represents a multitude of life experiences, shared by our participants. It brings more hope and promise for our adults, as well as lifelong friendships. Friendships that are cultivated. Friendships that are encouraged. Friendships that are treasured.

May we never forget that love wins. Love always wins.



(Here are some shots of their performance at the Brew Ha Ha!)


educate. inspire. believe.

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  1. Abbey Vande Velde on March 29, 2018 at 10:13 am

    this is beautiful, such a wonderful community to be a part of!

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