Reflections Through the Looking Glass… Griffin!

I love those Best of All moments that I have the pleasure of witnessing as the Site Coordinator of our Playhouse. I sit here in my office as I type up these blog posts and reflect on those special moments through this one way mirror. To me and to everyone who comes through our doors, it is so motivating. Whether it’s a little one pulling themselves up for the first time, a preschooler sharing a toy, a teenager mastering another reading level or one of our adults achieving a goal they set, these are just some of those Best of All moments that happen on a DAILY basis here at GiGi’s Playhouse.

Griffin, who just turned 5 years old over the summer, enjoyed his first time at Playhouse Pals, our program for 5-8 year olds, a couple months ago. Prior to Playhouse Pals, Griffin would come to Leaps & Bounds, our 3-5 year old program, and while he loved participating, he always enjoyed having his mom right by his side, as our little ones often do. Well, at Playhouse Pals Griffin joined the rest of his pals in the gym and left mom in the other room…and man, did he rock it on his own! He crushed his goals and gave his Best of All with his problem solving, fine motor skills and turn-taking during the activities! We love seeing our program participants grow and learn as they achieve independency.

Way to go, Griffin! You encourage us and motivate us. We are so thankful for you.


Below are some screenshots from a couple videos we had of Griffin using his turn at the relay,

which involved gross and fine motor skills, as well as some serious focus!



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