Join the Football Squares for a Cause! 🏈🏈🏈

How to Play Football Squares: 


  • Grid Setup: Create a 10×10 grid of squares. Assign one team name for the top (columns) and one for the side (rows). Fill the squares 1 to 100, making it easier for people to choose their desired square(s). See an example one you can use HERE.
  • Claim Your Square: Pick a square on the grid, or you can choose multiple squares if you wish. Replace the square number with your name so you know who’s paid for that square. To play, you must pay for each square you’d like to claim. Pick your price! Typical square amounts range from $5-$25 per square.
  • Numbers Matter: Right before kickoff, randomly assign the row and column numbers from 0 through 9, which will represent the last digit of each team’s score at the end of each quarter. (ex. Q1 score is 7-3; the winner of Q1 would be the person whose name is in the column with #7 and the row with #3). 

Still have questions on how to play and set up our own Football Squares game? Review this how to guide HERE.


Get involved and make a difference for GiGi’s Playhouse Chicago! Set up your own Football Squares game with the instructions above and create a Celebration Club page to rally support and donations. Let’s turn the excitement of the game into an opportunity to support individuals with Down syndrome and their families. Let’s turn this game into an opportunity to make a positive impact! For every unclaimed square, list GiGi’s Playhouse Chicago. If GiGi’s Playhouse Chicago wins, you can donate the winnings of that square to our Playhouse!  

Your donation helps give our participants access to FREE programs such as 1:1 Tutoring, Speech, LMNOP, GiGi’s Kitchen and many more. Let’s make this Football Squares game one to remember while supporting GiGi’s Playhouse Chicago! 

Interested in donating your Football Square winnings to the Playhouse? Email us at

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