Best of All: Speech Participants!

There have been so many Best of All moments to come out of our Amina Grace Speech and Language Program this year, that we couldn’t help but to highlight so many of the accomplishments our friends are making! Read below for some Best of All moments shared by our SLP students this spring.


Adilene has been sitting in the room a few more minutes every time she comes to speech! She also has been slowing down to articulate words a little bit more each time and appears to be learning more about speech (for example, she spontaneously said “purple” instead of “burble” later on after it was taught to her). She makes small little gains every time I see her and has been a pleasure to work with so far. 



  1. Liam is a social butterfly who loves to make new friends. He met two new friends during his first week and greeted them with a big smile and waved hello! As they began to play, he showed them how fun it is to roll a ball down the slide! Liam’s Best of All moment from week one is being a great friend! 
  1. Liam’s Best of All moment from the second week was when he showed me how to properly feed a baby. He was very gentle with the baby and explained that he was giving the baby a “drink”. Liam continues to demonstrate that he is a great big brother. 
  1. Liam’s Best of All moment from the third week was when he made the decision to play with the sensory water toy instead of the sand to begin our session. He politely picked up the sensory water toy and put the sandbox to the side. 


Lukas’ Best of All has been seeing him get more comfortable around me and showing off his silly personality. He was timid during our first session and seemed uncomfortable in the new environment. Now, he seems happy to come back to the therapy room and gives me plenty of high fives! 



I’ve loved being able to work with Kasen this semester and truly look forward to our sessions each week! Some Best of All Moments so far include: Kasen has been able to say more /s/ blend words on his own and with less reminders from myself to say the /s/ on those words, along with using the turtle speech technique more effectively each session and slowing down his rate of speech for increased clarity. He is doing awesome in speech and I’m excited for the rest of the semester!



– She requested to play with a different toy by saying “I want blocks” without any prompting! 

– She independently answered yes to a question without be asked “yes or no”. 

– She walked right into the speech room without first trying to go into the gym! 

– She played and shared her toys with her friend! 


Enrollment for the summer session for the Amina Grace Speech and Language Program will be open April 24th through May 15th. Priority is given to individuals with Down syndrome, new applicants, and participants who were waitlisted for the previous session, but all accommodations and attempts to match will be made. To apply when the window opens, please visit:

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