Volunteer Spotlight: Gwyn


Gwyn Blythe

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I am a freshman at Jackson High School. I am in a program my school offers called JAGS which stands for Jackson Academy for Global Studies. I have 2 siblings Graham (7th) and Blaire (11th). I have also lived in Ohio all of my life.

We want to get to know you! What are some of your favorites? (food, color, season, activity, restaurant, place to shop, etc.)

Food: Steak, Baked Potato and Salad!
Color: Light Blue and Dark Green
Season: Summer
Activity: I love being outdoors, bowling and babysitting!
Restaurant: Texas Roadhouse or BIBIBOP
Place to Shop: Target and Any Thrift Store
I love being outdoors doing something fun! My favorite experience outdoors was probably when I went to The Badlands National Park in South Dakota! I also enjoy hanging out with my neighbors and having bonfires.

How did you learn about GiGi’s and what prompted you to become a volunteer?

I actually learned about GiGi’s through JAGS! 1 part of JAGS is you have to graduate with 80 service hours and all of us were made aware that GiGi’s was looking for people to join their Youth Board. I reached out to Megan and since then I have become even more involved!

Tell us more about what you do at the Playhouse!

I started with GiGi’s in October of 2022 as a Generation G Youth Board member and on occasion I would help out with LMNOP. For Christmas, the youth board held the “Snow Much Fun” event, and I was the photographer for Santa! Since then, I have taken on the position of leading GiGi’s Kitchen Kids bi-weekly.

What is your favorite experience you have had at the Playhouse?

OHHH so many! But probably seeing the smile and excitement on the kids face at the Snow Much Fun Event when they turned the corner and saw that Santa came to visit them at GiGi’s!

Thank you for all you do for GiGi’s Playhouse, Gwyn! You were a tremendous leader when stepping up to help lead our GiGi’s Kitchen Kids program, and we are grateful for all you do. It is not often we find someone so dedicated to a cause, and we are lucky we get to have you involved for years to come!

To volunteer, please visit https://gigisplayhouse.org/canton/volunteer/ and complete our volunteer interest form.

If interested in becoming a member of the Youth Board, please email our Youth Board facilitator at scoon@gigisplayhouse.org.

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