Best of All: Matt

boy with blond hair wearing a face mask and glasses holding a cactus

Claire, our Destination Discovery Program Leader, was so proud recently that she reach out to our Site Manager after the last session to share how  proud she was of our friend Matt! She shared “Matt gave his best of all tonight putting his stickers on [his cactus pot] even though he wanted to get to the next room! He did an excellent job paying attention and taking his time!”

Matt has been doing such a great job following directions and adjusting to Playhouse routines. He participates in several programs, including Destination Discovery, literacy tutoring, occupational therapy, and most recently Leaps & Bounds! Sometimes Matt is at the Playhouse 3-4 days a week, and he is a joy to have walk through our doors! During his literacy sessions with Mr. Joe, Matt has improved his reading skills and found new ways to help him learn and pay attention, too. Matt always welcomes friends into program sessions and is building his social skills through peer-to-peer interaction. He even had his birthday party at the Playhouse this year!

We are so proud of you, Matt! Thanks for being #GenerationG!

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