Coronavirus & Flu Safety

Dear GiGi’s Families, Volunteers and Friends:​​​​​​
It is important that we do our part to keep our GiGi’s Families, Friends, and Volunteers as healthy as possible as we face the flu season and COVID-19 also know as the coronavirus. While the risk of getting COVID-19 in the United States remains low, the spread of the illness is approaching pandemic (world-wide) levels, so GiGi’s Playhouse is engaging in pre-pandemic planning as an organization. Although there may not be reported cases of coronavirus in immediate Playhouse areas, this situation is fluid and we need to take appropriate precautions. As a part of our proactive effort to protect our entire GiGi’s Playhouse family we ask that if you or your child are sick, please stay home until you are well and symptom free without the aide of medication for at least 24 hours.

Coronavirus is a new virus. There is no vaccine and scientists and doctors are still learning about how it works. Symptoms include fever, cough and shortness of breath.

Much like with influenza, which is a much higher risk than coronavirus right now, there are precautions you, your family and the GiGi’s Playhouse organization can take to reduce the spread of both the flu and coronavirus.

So what can you do?

Each of us can make the difference. This is called Non-Pharmaceutical Intervention (NPI) – basically, all the things you would do to avoid the typical flu. Please refer to the quick guide below and most importantly,


Other tips:
Wash hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds (singing Happy Birthday is a good recommendation and can encourage our young ones to comply).
Avoid touching your mouth, eyes, nose.
Cover sneezes/coughs with elbow, instead of hands. ​​​
Avoid hand shakes. Try a fist bump or even safer, elbow bump!
Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
Stay at home when you are sick, except to get medical care. Remember: participants and volunteers should not come to the Playhouse until they are fever-free without the use of medication for at least 24 hours.
Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces like hand railings, light switches and doorknobs.
Have a plan for how you will decontaminate things coming into your home. The virus may live on surfaces for a prolonged period of time so wiping, washing, rinsing items entering your home will help.
The GiGi’s Playhouse organization will be enforcing the above recommendations at Playhouses across the nation and in Mexico to ensure the safety of our families, friends and volunteers.
What’s next?

Monitor the situation and stay informed. Click on the link below to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC and local health officials will keep us advised on any necessary next steps.

Click the link for the latest updates –

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