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Brick and Mortar Playhouses

What is it?

Brick and Mortar Playhouses are the traditional Operating Model for GiGi’s Playhouses. They are unique Down syndrome Achievement Centers that provide a place where families can gather to benefit from educational, therapeutic and career development programs for their loved ones.

This is the recommended model for markets with a population of at least 250,000 and approximately 325 individuals with Down syndrome who could benefit from GiGi’s offerings.


Deliver a variety of GiGi's Signature Programs along with the option of including approved Specialty Therapeutic programs that fill a need in the community.

Operating Structure

Brick and Mortar Playhouses are 99% volunteer run and started by a passionate Startup team. As the team progresses they will eventually apply for an LLC and have a local Board of Directors. After opening their doors, the local Board of Directors and 1 or 2 paid staff are responsible for recruiting volunteers, facilitating outreach, fundraising and general operations of the Playhouse

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