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What those pictures did not show was the gallery after party hosted by Steven Bagby!  (thank you Steven and Rose!)  They really know how to do it right!   The problem was boot camp the next day at 6 am!  I woke up at 5 and got up to get dressed...

Launched our traveling gallery at the Loyola University Museum of Art!!

The first picture is of photographer Thomas Balsamo, me, our Executive Director Jenni VonTobel, gallery project manager Lisa Schuh and Steven Bagby our partner in crime!  The second is Steven walking out of the room right before we opened the doors to the public and the third is the people...


OK I forgot the pictures last time so here they are!!  The first thing she said when I wanted to take the picture was "pose?  OK...BAM!" and she flung her hip out with her hand on her head.  (That is the official t-ball pose you know!) GiGi got the game...

McHenry Playhouse opens!!

How cool is that!!    Check out GiGi with the donut in her hand during the ribbon cutting!! (how unusual!!)  The other little girl in the picture is Riley and that is her Aunt Susan who spearheaded the opening of the McHenry location!!  The energy and excitement reminded me of...

McHenry Playhouse opens!!


Hangin’ with Grandpa at the Senior center!

Of course that is Grandpa in the red GiGi's Playhouse shirt!!   Grandpa and his friend Murad (in the bottom picture) are some of GiGi's biggest fans!  If she was born when they were her life would have been much different than it is today!