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The Ripple Effect

Recently GiGi & I were in New Orleans doing a corporate event for the GiGi’s Playhouse New Orleans start-up team. While we were there we also were doing a book signing, we took an Uber to the signing and our uber driver was 81 years old, had 7 siblings and 33 Grandchildren! One of his…

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321 Days of Acceptance | Day 76 Nadia

GiGi's Playhouse

Can you believe it is already Day 76 of 321 Days of Acceptance! We have met some amazing individuals from all over the country and we are excited to introduce you to more!  This campaign serves as a vital effort to advancing Generation G and our vision for global acceptance! Every day social media fans will…

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Down syndrome changed me.

Down syndrome changed me……… and I could not be more thankful.     November 2012, GiGi’s Playhouse Syracuse had been open just a few days when a friend mentioned it. You see at this time I had been following some wonderful blogs written by moms who had kids with Down syndrome, the only thing I…

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Heartbeat of GiGi’s Playhouse | Volunteer Spotlight

GIGi's Playhouse

Hearing news of volunteers across the GiGi’s network is something that will always make us smile. As all of us a GiGi’s Playhouse are focusing on the #takeaction word Kindness this month, we are excited to share this GiGi’s Volunteer Kindness with you all. We recently read the following blog post that was published on…

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Acceptance in Action: GiGi’s Playhouse 2016 National Conference

Taking action and changing the world together! November 4th & 5th GiGi’s Playhouse welcomed 250 team members representing 39 Playhouses and start-up groups, as well as representatives from more than 15 corporate sponsors and partners, and even board members of local community foundations; together for the “Bigger, Better Stronger Together” Leadership Conference in Schaumburg, IL.…

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Musical Hands Supporting GiGi’s Playhouse

Musical Hands Supporting GiGi’s Playhouse: Musician to record CD benefiting Individuals with Down syndrome Hoffman Estates, IL, December 14, 2015 – Pianist Ryan Shookman decided to create a holiday album that represented his family and benefited individuals with Down syndrome. He learned to play the piano with the help of his mother Maureen, and thus…

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GiGi’s Playhouse Impact Sponsors

YOU CAN MAKE AN IMPACT! GiGi’s Playhouse serves children and adults with Down syndrome as well as families, communities, businesses and more – all over the US and in Mexico. GiGi’s Playhouse provides dedicated places for families to unite and celebrate their child’s diagnosis, as well as benefit from FREE purposeful and progressive programs. Since 2003,…

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Holiday Wishes from Nancy Gianni

To Our Amazing Supporters, Vendors, Playhouses, Families and Friends: CONGRATULATIONS!!! What a year! YOU are the miracles that help our families every day! Because of YOUR support and impact, I can’t help but marvel at the achievements that occurred in 2015: We opened TEN playhouses bringing our total to 27! We’ve been blessed by more…

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An Unexpected Blessing: Jaida’s Amazing Journey

Jaida is a blessing we never saw coming and we are so grateful for. As a daycare owner and parents of a 20+ year old, my husband and I knew we were done having children. Or so we thought. One day, this beautiful child was brought to our in-home daycare and after a couple of…

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