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Social Change

The Ripple Effect

Recently GiGi & I were in New Orleans doing a corporate event for the GiGi’s Playhouse New Orleans start-up team. While we were there we also were doing a book signing, we took an Uber to the signing and our uber driver was 81 years old, had 7 siblings and 33 Grandchildren! One of his…

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Dear Doctor | Know Better, Do Better.

GiGi’s Playhouse is made of inspiration, belief, achievements and the beautiful stories of every person who becomes part of this family. Today we are proud to share the words and heart of GiGi’s Playhouse Tinley Park founder, Diane Husar.  Like many her introduction to the Down syndrome world was less than what it should have…

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Why Inclusion Matters

We are proud to have Bret Bowerman, GiGi’s Playhouse Executive Board Member join us on the blog today.  Inclusion, such an important word, why does it matter? Enjoy. I will never forget squeezing my wife’s hand under the conference table, her eyes teared in elation, when Ellie’s school agreed to educate her in an inclusive Kindergarten…

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Everyday Miracles | Are you looking?

Everyday Miracles My grandson and I have something in common:  We both love food!  We love working in the kitchen together, preparing and cooking our favorite dishes, and baking, too.  Fortunately, we’re into portion control and nutrition, about which he learns a great deal in school.  When nine-year-old Louis (“Louie”) comes to visit for Spring…

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Is this 2018? | From the desk of Nancy Gianni

GiGi’s video has been viewed over 73,000 times! Please keep sharing!  We Need Your Voice! Comedian Tom Segura has sparked outrage this week for his blatant, continual use of the R-word in his recent Netflix special. His suggestion that if people don’t like it then it should be replaced with the term “21st chromosome,” directly mocks people…

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Why Stop at a Month? | 365 Days of Awesome!

See ya later October! Down Syndrome Acceptance Month was great, we busted some myths, we shared our stories, we continued to introduce the world to a new and dynamic individual with Down syndrome and we asked the world to see & accept our friends and loved ones rocking their extra chromosome.  But, is that really enough?…

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GiGi’s Impact | Volunteering

GiGi’s Playhouse is possible in so many areas across the US & in Mexico because of Volunteers. The amount of time, talent and treasures these volunteers share with our families is just awe-inspiring. We can never say thank you enough. We are happy to share how GiGi’s has impacted on volunteer from GiGi’s Playhouse Cleveland.…

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Hit By the Bus | Family Story

Nancy Gianni equates her journey with her daughter to a bus ride.  She explained how some experiences are like driving the bus, some are like riding the bus and sadly, some are like being hit by that bus. Being one of the #luckyfew means that we will share these experiences.  Today we are glad to welcome…

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321 Days of Acceptance | Week 6

Welcome to the week six recap of 321 Days of Acceptance from Generation G! Generation G is a conscious decision to be better every day. Acceptance is a fundamental dignity for all people, regardless of ability. Acceptance is more than an act of charity, it is truly generosity “in action”. acceptance is the very heart and the very…

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