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Why is this a big deal?

GiGi will be singing the National Anthem at the Chicago Cubs game on June 25th! Just take a moment to think about that! She will be giving hope to so many people who have watched their loved ones struggle to say just one word let alone sing the entire National Anthem! So GiGi’s Playhouse will…

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The Gift of Down Syndrome

Today we welcome back long time GiGi’s Playhouse friend and advocate, Richard Riley.  Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and enjoy some encouragement.   Dear Friends in the greater Down syndrome community, You’re probably already thinking that this guy is completely nuts.  How can Down syndrome be a gift?  Let me confound you further:…

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Your Child CAN learn MATH!

Your Child CAN learn MATH! FUN activities you can do with your child to support early math learning: 1.    Play with Shape Sorters! 2. Make simple patterns using something your child loves. Stickers – get two sets and place them in a row “star, circle, star, circle, star, circle……” M&M’s – place them in a row…

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Dear Doctor | Know Better, Do Better.

GiGi’s Playhouse is made of inspiration, belief, achievements and the beautiful stories of every person who becomes part of this family. Today we are proud to share the words and heart of GiGi’s Playhouse Tinley Park founder, Diane Husar.  Like many her introduction to the Down syndrome world was less than what it should have…

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GiGi’s is Going to #NDSC2018 and We Want to Meet YOU!

We are so excited to be heading to the 46th Annual National Down Syndrome Congress conference in Dallas this weekend! With thousands of people from across the globe attending, it’s an incredible opportunity for us to connect with and learn from our amazing extended Down syndrome family –including experts, parents, siblings and many other impactful…

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Why Stop at a Month? | 365 Days of Awesome!

See ya later October! Down Syndrome Acceptance Month was great, we busted some myths, we shared our stories, we continued to introduce the world to a new and dynamic individual with Down syndrome and we asked the world to see & accept our friends and loved ones rocking their extra chromosome.  But, is that really enough?…

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Strength | 321 Days of Acceptance | GiGi’s Playhouse

If you are new to Down syndrome we are going to share a secret with you…..strength is a huge part of this diagnosis.   Meet Vanessa, Day 168 of 321 Days of Acceptance. We are going to learn a bit about her strength & the strength she has given those who love her. Individuals with…

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GiGi’s Impact – Long Lost Friends Find Each Other at GiGi’s

GiGi's Playhouse

  Every single day across the country (and in Mexico) amazing things are happening in the 33 GiGi’s Playhouse’s, …..Today we are sharing one story, that we promise, will make you smile and feel ALL the feels.  Please welcome Lizz from GiGi’s Playhouse Cleveland as she shares an incredible story….   Donna walked through the…

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LMNOP: Laugh, Love, Learn

LMNOP – “Language, Music N Our Peeps” is the BEST attended therapeutic program across the Playhouse network. Currently offered at 25 locations, GIGI’S PLAYHOUSE DELIVERED PROGRAMMING TO 4,500 LMNOP PARTICIPANTS IN 2016! Interactive and engaging, LMNOP helps children age newborn to 36 months old learn basic sign language and other forms of communication using music…

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