LMNOP – “Language, Music N Our Peeps” is the BEST attended therapeutic program across the Playhouse network. Currently offered at 25 locations, GIGI’S PLAYHOUSE DELIVERED PROGRAMMING TO 4,500 LMNOP PARTICIPANTS IN 2016!

Interactive and engaging, LMNOP helps children age newborn to 36 months old learn basic sign language and other forms of communication using music and language based activities. Like all GiGi’s programs, LMNOP is purposeful and progressive! Starting with infant communication skills and leading up to engaging in circle time, transitioning and getting them ready for their next phase in life…preschool! This program also focuses on vocabulary development through story time and social interaction with peers using music, stories and sensory play. Seated and crawling activities during LMNOP also advance gross and fine motor development growth.

From Playhouse Mom, Carrie, “Sloane has attended LMNOP, Busy Bodies and Leaps & Bounds. At her first birthday, Sloane was very nervous around large groups and strangers. We continued to immerse her in Playhouse programs and she literally grew right out of that hesitation. Once Sloane started walking at 2 years old, she never looked back and we eagerly started attending the next age group of programs because she was so excited about exploring and moving around at her own pace. She is a social butterfly and I love to watch her own the room and her confidence when we are there! We are so grateful for programs like LMNOP!”

It is amazing how programs instill hope and confidence not only in the children, but in their parents and siblings too. Every child deserves to be accepted, loved, and offered opportunities to smile, laugh and share their voice.

Another parent recently shared, “When we discovered Oliver had Down syndrome, we had no idea what our future had in store for us. Finding GiGi’s Playhouse and programs like LMNOP has been the best thing ever. We have found a family that will love and support us through each stage of life. We are so fortunate to be a part of GiGi’s Playhouse!”

From Ian’s Mom, Megan: “Walking into the playhouse was truly an unforgettable experience. I was scared to “walk into” the life of Down syndrome by going to GiGi’s Playhouse, even though I knew it would benefit Ian in more ways than one.

Our first day at GiGi’s proved that there was NOTHING to fear. We instantly felt like family.

I am forever grateful for that transition. I love that new activities are introduced each week, along with “staple” songs and signs. We all know how important repetition is for kids’ learning, but the leaders of the LMNOP program have found countless ways to make it fun for everyone. We wish we could go every day!”

For more information on LMNOP and other FREE Playhouse programs, please visit https://gigisplayhouse.org/programs.



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