The Ripple Effect in Full Force: A Tale of Community and Compassion

On April 12, we witnessed a beautiful example of the GiGi’s Playhouse ripple effect in action! It all started with a simple connection and blossomed into an extraordinary display of generosity and teamwork, underscoring the power of community spirit.

The Haymon family, dear neighbors of our Board Vice President, Dani Higley, has always been an integral part of the Higley family’s life since they moved to Woodstock. The Haymon family’s love for her son with Down syndrome, Kinlin, naturally led them to support GiGi’s Playhouse Atlanta.

In a heartening gesture, Anthony Haymon chose GiGi’s Playhouse for his company’s Neighbor to Neighbor day of service. With a rallying cry of support, Anthony brought over 20 enthusiastic volunteers from UPS to assist with the Playhouse’s Grand Re-Opening preparations. These incredible volunteers dedicated their time and energy to assembling furniture, meticulously arranging it, and making multiple trips to the dumpster. Their infectious joy and positivity turned what could have been a strenuous task into a day filled with camaraderie and purpose.

But the ripple effect didn’t stop there. One of the UPS volunteers began a discussion about the garage door and started a conversation that set off another chain of goodwill. This volunteer reached out to his friend, Sean Letchworth, a contractor who had been holding onto some doors for donation. Coincidentally, Sean’s wife had recently lost a sibling with Down syndrome, making this cause even more meaningful to him.

Without hesitation, Sean agreed to help. In the span of just two weeks, Letchworth Enterprises was onsite with beautiful French doors that were not only donated but also installed and painted, adding more character and brightness to the Playhouse. This act of kindness was a touching tribute and a testament to the power of sharing our stories and missions.

This series of events is more than just a story about volunteers helping out; it’s a vivid illustration of how interconnected our lives are and how one act of kindness can inspire another. The ripple effect in our community in April has been nothing short of phenomenal, showcasing the impact we can have on each other’s lives when we come together with open hearts.

Anthony, his dedicated UPS team, Sean Letchworth, and everyone involved have reminded us of the incredible power of community support and the profound difference it can make. Their efforts not only prepared GiGi’s Playhouse for its Grand Re-Opening but also strengthened the bonds within our community, proving that when we unite for a common cause, there’s nothing we can’t achieve.

Let this heartwarming story inspire us all to look for ways to contribute, connect, and create ripples of positive change in our own lives and communities. If you would like to volunteer at GiGi’s Playhouse Atlanta, click here!

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