GiGi’s Atlanta Welcomes the Clark Family in this week’s GiGiFIT Team Spotlight!

It’s always exciting to welcome new families to the Playhouse but it’s especially moving when a family jumps in with both feet!  We highlighted the Woodard/Pringle family last month at our Launch Party and now we get to introduce you to the Clark family! Both of these incredible families heard about GiGi’s Playhouse and immediately signed up for our GiGiFIT Acceptance Challenge!  We are already so impressed by the dedication and drive of these amazing families!

The Clark family has created Team Judah’s Little Crew. This small but mighty team raised over $1,000 in their first week!  This is without even stepping foot in our Playhouse yet!  They created their team to honor their sweet little man, 8 month old Judah.  He takes everything life has thrown at him with nothing but joy and gummy smiles and has become a bright shining light in their lives that they never knew they needed. Mom Cathleen says “Every day is like a new adventure and we never know what will be thrown our way . We try to take each one step by step and with a smile on our face like Judah does. He gives his Best of All each day by stealing hearts with his sweet smile and snuggles. His snuggles and smiles lift all of life’s cares away in an instant.”

The Clarks believe in surrounding themselves with not only people who think like them but also with people who are different- in whatever way that looks like. They teach their kids to accept others for who they are and want everyone to feel loved and know their worth. They are using our GiGiFIT Acceptance Challenge to promote that message!

We can’t wait to meet the Clarks as they MOVE for Acceptance on April 30th with us! We are so eager for them to meet our incredible families with children like Judah and become a part of this great community. Like many of you, they want Judah to be able to grow and bond with his peers, build friendships, and have a safe place where they can talk through things or get advice. GiGi’s Playhouse is that safe space!  Welcome, Clarks, to our amazing Down syndrome family!

Join in or support our GiGiFIT Acceptance Challenge teams here!

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