An Original Poem: Friendship Over Coffee

Friendship over Coffee

By Olivia August, GiGi’s Playhouse Annapolis Poet in Residence


To drink coffee with a friend!

Mask on or not, it’s a call

To go get coffee with a friend!

Four words that make my day,

Someone cares enough to say.

“Let’s go get coffee.”

OH, I am so happy!

I walk in the door

Joy though my nose

A smile from Meghan

At Bitty and Beau’s.

I love it here.

My friend and I talk and laugh

And drink warm lattes. With goat milk.

And sometimes we just sit and think together until she knows me a little better.

She tells me important things,

Which makes me feel important.  I’m valuable.

It makes my life better,

Friendship over coffee.

Olivia serves on the GiGi’s Playhouse Annapolis Board of Members as a Self-Advocate. She takes her role very seriously. She is also GiGi’s Annapolis Poet in Residence. We look forward to sharing more of her touching writing. As Amanda Gorman says; ““Poetry has never been the language of barriers, it’s always been the language of bridges.”

We are always looking to showcase participant work. Please send us any original poems or artwork we can highlight on GiGi’s blog.

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