Hey Good Lookin’, Whatcha Got Cookin’?

GiGi’s Playhouse Annapolis is the host of GiGi’s Kitchen Adult (18+) LIVE every Wednesday night from 5-6pm East Coast time.  Participant Carmen (ably assisted by her Mom Ginger) has been teaching participants from all over the country how to make all kinds of fun, interesting and healthy (well, mostly) recipes for dinner.

We’ve been exploring cuisines from all over the world from chicken pot pie and chili from the good old USA to Irish Beef Stew, sauces from France, Shawarma from Lebanon and Tagine from Morocco.  Rumor has it that we’ll be heading to Mexico and Tokyo on our culinary adventures this month!

“I love seeing my friends smile-that makes the food taste better. I love everything about this course. As Zeke in HS Musical says when he can work in the kitchen, ‘The Promised Land!’ Sam, participant

On the way we’ve been learning healthy meal planning, ways to reduce salt and sugar, kitchen cleanliness and lots of knife skills.  And while we work, we enjoy all kinds of entertainment, from Carmen’s cat crashing the party, to Carmen serenading us with songs, to the occasional dance party to “My Mom is a Pirate”.  So go wash your hands, put on an apron and join us every Wednesday at 5pm to see what’s for dinner.  You can also watch past sessions (plus sessions from Cincinnati and Fort Wayne) plus download all the recipes from the On-Demand page, GiGi’s Kitchen Adult section.

“Jared’s dream since 7 years old is to become a chef. Thank you GiGi’s for giving him an opportunity to learn new cooking skills and new recipes that will help him make his dream come true”. Jared’s Mom 

GiGi’s Kitchen is designed to emphasize the importance of health and wellness through nutrition education, kitchen safety, food preparation, social activities and a shared meal/snack. Under the guidance of program leaders, participants will learn about and progress through skills including measurements, food handling, knife skills, ingredient identification, palette expansion, and nutrition. Participants will be introduced to various cooking techniques. GiGi’s Kitchen program will build participants self-esteem and self-confidence through nutrition and wellness!

“Sam was living on his own before the pandemic. He cooked for himself but just a few dishes. We have made GiGi’s Kitchen a priority, so I come home from work in time for us to do it. Sam is gaining confidence in the kitchen. We are both having a special time, one we look forward to, especially during this time of limited social opportunities for Sam.”  Suzanne, Sam’s Mom

Join us and gain independent living skills while making friends in kitchens across the country! 

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  1. Jamie Ralph on August 3, 2020 at 1:02 pm

    I would love to cook with you guys . I have an intellectual disability and would love to learn to cook with you guys .

    • Judy on August 25, 2020 at 8:11 pm

      We look forward to seeing you at GiGi’s Kitchen on Wednesday Jamie! I sent you program information to your email. Thanks for reaching out!

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