S2 E4: A Little Something Extra with Fionn and Jonathan

On today’s new episode of A Little Something Extra, we are joined by two incredible gentlemen all that way from Ireland! This father/son duo is paving the way for change on an international scale, traveling all around the world to show people the beauty of Down syndrome and all their unique abilities!

Fionn and Jonathan join the podcast to discuss their 26-year journey, navigating the complex work of living life with a unique ability. We hear about Fionn and Jonathan creating their production company, Fionnathan Production, and how they leverage Fionn’s diagnosis to make it all possible! Fionn also shows off some of his talents on the fiddle (and gives a little glimpse of how it works on the ladies). We also hear about their journey that has taken them all around the world in the pursuit of change from the start till now!

Fionn and Jonathan are a true testament to leveraging the hand life deals you into a life of learning, adventure, and love! Make sure to listen to the end to hear GiGi’s tips and some warm words about the beauty of life, specifically about sharing life with someone who makes you value each and every day. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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