S2 E18 – A Little Something Extra with Joanne and Nathan

Britain’s Got Talent Semi-Finalists Nathan and Joanne join the podcast to talk about their amazing journey! Joanne and Nathan are a dancing duo who won over the hearts of Great Britain on the latest season of Britain’s Got Talent. This incredible journey began back in 2019 in one of Joanne’s dance classes. Nathan is an adult with Down Syndrome who has always been interested in dance and performing. Well, after taking classes with Joanne, he knew he had found his passion! Joanne did not go into this as an advocate looking to spread awareness for Down syndrome, nor did she see this as a charity case. Nathan and her merely formed a connection with one another on the dance floor that she believed the world should see! After years of practice and growth, Joanne secretly submitted an inquiry about performing with Nathan on BGT, and the rest was history!

Tune in now to hear their heartwarming story, some amazing British accents, see some of GiGi and Nathan’s dance moves, hear GiGi’s Tipppsss on dancing your heart out, and much more fun!

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