S2 E14 – A Little Something Extra with Erin Johnson

Author, influencer, sister, and sibling advocate; Erin Johnson joins the show this week alongside her brother, Matt! This episode goes out to all the amazing sibling advocates out there. Erin is the older sister of her brother, Matt, who has Down syndrome. Erin and Matt share a story that a lot of people can relate to. Just a brother and sister who share lots of love, laughs, and appreciation for each other. Erin wanted to share her sibling story with the world to show the beauty of having a brother with Down syndrome and how amazing the journey is as an adult. Matt is now the uncle to a niece and nephew, and he could not handle the job any better!

In the episode, Erin and Matt share their sibling journey, giving us some valuable life lessons that any of us can learn from! We also talk about the impact that Matt has had on Erin outside of their relationship, such as her career, her experience as an author, even her decision to adopt a child with Down syndrome with her husband. Of course, we learn Matt and Erin’s Little Something Extra, and GiGi finishes things off with some tips on “loving your family”. We hope this one gives a little perspective on the importance of family!

You can find Erin and Matt on social media @Erinadvocates

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