I was nervous the first few times I visited GiGi’s Playhouse. Because my husband, Dan and I adopted our three kiddos with Down syndrome, I kind of felt like maybe I didn’t REALLY belong there…that maybe I wouldn’t be welcome there. After all, I didn’t grow these babies in my belly. I didn’t experience the emotions that go along with a Down syndrome diagnosis during pregnancy or at birth. There are so many things about the journey that so many other families experience that I will never know. But it turns out, I was nervous for nothing! From the very first time I visited GiGi’s, I was welcome there. There is something really special about those that visit this place. I felt welcomed by the staff, the volunteers, and the other parents. Their hugs and smiles and conversation made sure I felt it. Not only do I find great conversation and great company while at GiGi’s, I have also felt mentored by those who have walked this journey a little ahead of me. Turns out all you need to belong at GiGi’s is a belief that everyone matters and a desire to shout their worth. So no matter what your story is or how you have come to know Down syndrome…you are welcome here!
-Allison Loerop


  1. Diane Ribbentrop on December 27, 2019 at 6:19 pm

    i am a hospice volunteer. I hope to have time to volunteer at Gigi’s House.

    • aveitkus on January 3, 2020 at 2:23 pm

      Diane, we hope that you will visit the Playhouse soon, please stop by for our monthly New Volunteer Orientation. You will have a great time volunteering with us!

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