“What If?”

What if…you just accept.

What if…you don’t question.

What if…you simply open your heart to the possibility.

What if…you ignore the negative.

What if…you believe the positive will certainly outweigh the negative.

What if…you follow your heart.

What if…in the process, your heart is opened.

What if…you just give this life a chance.

What if…the good in people is what emerges.

What if…your mighty village begins to help you raise your child.

What if…people smile at you with kindness, not sympathy.

What if…you accept all support and encouragement.

What if…you realize that life doesn’t have to be perfect, because life never is.

What if…you allow your child to dream their own dream.

What if…in the process, your dreams grow bigger.

What if…you stop worrying about the future.

What if…you just focus on today.

What if…you begin to cherish the small steps.

What if…you see the potential.

What if…you choose professionals who do the same.

What if…you smile more than you ever imagined you could.

What if…your child does the same.

Our What if…is simply amazing.                                      

Our What if…is a gift to our world.                                   

Our What if…is exactly who he is meant to be.

Our What if…is named Luke.

Written by Diane Husar, Luke’s Mom

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