Volunteer Spotlight: Tracey Vicario

Hi! My name is Tracey Vicario and I am one of the leaders of the Fantastic Friends program here at GiGi’s Playhouse Tinley Park! I have been a part of this program since the end of 2020 during the pandemic. We started with online programs but it has been so awesome to have everyone back in person! Fantastic Friends brings so much joy into my life and it is so rewarding to work with our adult population. My passion has always been working with children and adults with special needs, as I taught high school special education for 5 years. I am now a flight attendant and was glad to find GiGi’s Playhouse to volunteer on my days off! Planning our monthly event and seeing how happy all our participants are to participate and socialize with each other is so wonderful! I am so grateful for all the amazing people I have met at this program. We meet on the second Friday of every month; come volunteer with us!

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    The best!!!

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